Building Serenity

Literally. 🙂

Two years ago, we decided that we wanted to give up our New Orleans apartment in the French Quarter. A move I regret, not because I wanted to live their full-time as we had been doing for near a decade, but because it was quite possible the best deal in the whole French Quarter. In any case, we made the decision to buy a small 5th wheel trailer and a truck to pull it. We wanted small because there are places we’d like to travel where you can’t be that long… you’ll never make the turns… think high, treacherous mountain roads.  The problem, there are very few (read none) small 5th wheels being made. So, we found ourselves buying one that was built in 1988. It was a Wilderness Yukon 5th Wheel. I say was, because we turned it into something else.

Being huge fans of the show firefly and the movie Serenity, we decided the trailer kind of looked like the ship. So we set out to renovate her as such. Below are our results.

How she looked before.

Remember, she was built in 1988.

Then the world started.

We ripped the table and benches out.







We removed the disgusting couch and replaced all of the plumbing… and then started painting. Ceiling was first, with the midnight purple.








The bedroom had to be torn out and the floor replaced.







  We built an additional batter box where one of the benches used to be. It contains 2 extra batteries so we can run without being plugged in.






Laura stains a table top that I built. We wanted one that looked the table from the ship.







Pulled out the shower and sink and installed a tub and new, real size toilet. RV toilets are notorious for being too low to the ground.






We worked on it for 3 months. Building and painting. We even tackled the exterior. Sure it wasn’t going to look exactly like Serenity, but even it needed to have the same spirit as the ship.

First, here are a couple of photos of the inside of ship, from the show/movie.